Unresponsive. Poor customer service. Can't meet delivery schedules even with advance notice.
Six weeks ago I moved to my present location in Roswell, GA. Damage was done to two of my pieces of furniture. Pictures were taken. I have not heard a word from you about this. The men who moved me let me know from the outset that they each expected a tip of $50.00. The repeated it when we were in my new place. I don't keep that much cash around, so I gave them what I could. Pretty tacky, I thought.
Owner will not call you back if you have any damagey
We've used Green Truck for two moves now, and have been extremely pleased with their service, professionalism, price, and great attitude during both moves. Moving is very stressful for anyone, but they make it as smooth of a process as possible - even going above and beyond. For example, there was a small scheduling mixup, but they fixed it immediately, and provided amazing customer service throughout. Couldn't recommend them more, and we'll plan on using them again in the future should the need arise. Thanks for everything!!!
This unique and fantastic company is one that more folks should use when relocating to their next abode. They're setting such a great example for others to follow!
What a terrific experience I just had with Green Truck Moving! Recently sold my home to move closer to my job. I spoke with Ahmad and he scheduled the move for me. On moving day - I was blessed to have 3 great guys to help me including Ahmad and LaDarius. They were awesome! Let me tell you - these guys hustle!! They wrapped every single item and moved it all with care. While my furniture and furnishings were not "top of the line" or expensive - much of it has been passed down from family members and is extremely valuable to me from a sentimental standpoint. Not a single broken item. Not one. I could not be happier!!! I searched the reviews of many movers in the Nashville area and spoke to several folks. Green Truck Movers were rated the best. I'm a very happy customer and will call on your company again. Thanks again guys!!
Green Truck Movers helped my brother on his move--they were terrific! From my first conversation with Andre, then with Crystal, who was so friendly and funny, they made this operation go smoothly and painlessly. John and his team of Tim & Tim wrapped everything thoroughly and carefully moved his furniture as if it were their own. They did all this quickly and with a cheerful attitude. Thanks to all, moving day was a big success! Highly recommend these guys!
I used the Green Truck Moving & Storage Company for two office moves. The movers were very polite and hardworking, however, they broke numerous desks and in the process knocked a hole in our new office wall. The company owners and representatives were extremely hard to get ahold of and unresponsive so I had to hire someone to fix my drywall damage and re-paint AND junk haulers to remove the broken desks sitting in my office. In the end (after 6 months of me following-up), I was finally paid an insurance claim "per their policy" that did not amount to enough to replace one of the 4 desks that was broken. Also, I had to pay for drywall repair AND junk haulers on top of all the moving costs I incurred on top of replacing 4 desks. My recommendation: Do not hire Green Truck Movers if you have any breakables. And if you do hire them, purchase the most comprehensive insurance you can because there are many things that are not covered "per their policy".